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We Hate to Christen Our New Blog with an Angry Rant, But..

Posted by wct6 on June 13, 2007

Those of you who may not be familiar with the previous incarnation of this blog may be unaware of this fact, but we are generally very upbeat, positive people.  We normally let the bad things that seem to happen to all of our sports teams roll off of our collective back.  But the state of the Cleveland Indians over the last week or so has driven us to the point where we just can’t stand it anymore.

Losing two out of three to the lowly Cinci-tucky Reds over the weekend was bad, especially when nine innings of shutout baseball from C.C. Sabathia is wasted, but what has gone on so far this week is especially troubling.

As we speak, the (for now) first-place Indians are making Byung-Hun Kim, a pitcher who is on his fourth team since being “promoted” to starting pitcher after self-destructing as the closer for the Arizona Diamondbacks in 2001, look like a Korean Christy Mathewson.  This coming only a day after somebody named Scott Olsen shut them out over seven innings, and wasted a pretty good outing from Fausto Carmona.

The supposed sparkplug, leadoff hitter Grady Sizemore, is now up to 66 strikeouts in 64 games.  Travis Hafner, whom some idiot Indians fans will argue is more crucial to the teams future than Sabathia, suddenly can’t come up with a big hit when the team needs one.  Paul Byrd, who was a solid #3 starter for this team as recently as a couple of weeks ago, suddenly can’t get major league hitters out.  And Cliff Lee, ugh, don’t get us started on him.

Something seriously has to change or this team will fall from first place in baseball’s best division, right out of the wild-card race.  Especially as teams like the Mariners and Yankees (!!!) surge and close the gap.

Update – 9:17 – Wow we should do this more often, the Marlins kick the ball around, hit a couple batters, and then David Dellucci comes in and blasts a three-run homer. 

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