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You’re Hearing it Here First

Posted by wct6 on June 15, 2007

Just so we can be the first to say this, and a few months from now when we can gloat and say those immortal words: “you heard it here first!” let us go on the record with the following proclamation:

The Boston Red Sox will not win the AL East division.  The New York Yankees will.


We have seen collapses like this happen so many times before it is almost eerie. 

We came to this conclusion the last two nights, when we saw the Red Sox alleged “ace” crap the bed against a barely .500 NL team. 


(Quick Aside – Wednesday, in attempt to solidify himself as the most lampooned baseball analyst employed in these United States, John Kruk was interviewed on SportsCenter and asked – “if you could have any pitcher in the American League pitch one game for you, and your life is on the line, who would it be?” to which that moron replied “Curt Schilling.”  A) I know that Schilling and Kruk were teammates at one time, so he may be a little biased. B) Lets hope, for Kruk’s sake, that the opponent in that game to save his life isn’t the mighty Colorado Rockies. C) We are going to list some AL pitchers.  If we come to one that you think Curt Schilling is better than, right now, please stop us: Sabathia, Santana, Lackey, Beckett, Pettite, Haren, Verlander, and Bonderman.  And on most days, Buehrle, Carmona, Wang, and Gaudin.  Seriously, do some research Kruk.)


Anyway, this is the conclusion we have resigned ourselves to.  So when it happens, we told you so. 

And if you have come for your weekly dose of T&A to send you off to the weekend, here, courtesy of Our Book of Scrap, is a picture of the ridiculous wife of Aaron Boone.



A journeyman, fringe Major Leaguer pulled this chick.  Doesn’t that just stick in your craw?


8 Responses to “You’re Hearing it Here First”

  1. Sadly, I think you’re right, but I would have loved to see the Yankees miss the playoffs. The explosion in New York might be equivalent to that of Heroes. And I would laugh and laugh.

    Also, now baseball is the only thing to watch on TV. RIP Finals.

  2. rstiles said

    Nice photo to welcome us veterans back to your site…

  3. firedannyainge said

    Where were you when your team was down by 13 games? Oh thats right typical band wagon fans that show up when the team wins.

    The season is long and if you check out the stats of your pitchers you aren’t pitching any better then the Red Sox pitchers your hitting is finally waking up.

    It doesn’t matter anyway because how many wild cards have won world series recently again? and it seems that even when the Yankees out play the red sox they quit after and lose to the Tigers and Angels of the world. Or even the Marlins.

  4. wct6 said

    firedannyainge – Wow. I don’t even know where to begin.

    Did you even read the post? Do you think that I am a Yankee fan? If I were a yankee fan, do you think that I would be “resigned to the fact” that they are going to win the East?

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  8. jeff said

    just warming up for the upcoming red sox season, and i came across this. you really are stupid. Not only did the red sox win the east, but they won the world series. you’re a fucking idiot. The yankees gained ground because the sox started resting players, because they were a lock for the playoffs. nice predictions asshole.

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