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Last Week in Baseball! – Our NL All-Star Roster

Posted by wct6 on June 25, 2007


If you are like us, then you grew up loving Mel Allen and “This Week in Baseball.”  Here at WCT, we have “Last Week in Baseball!”  Please don’t sue us FOX!  

The season is just flying by, and it is time to start thinking about the All-Star Game.  To that end, we have come up with what we think the National League All-Star roster should look like.  We will do the AL next week. 

C – Russell Martin, LAD

1B – Prince Fielder, MIL

2B – Chase Utley, PHI

3B – Miguel Cabrera, FLA

SS – Jose Reyes, NYM

LF – Barry Bonds, SF

CF – Aaron Rowand, PHI

RF – Ken Griffey, Jr., CIN 

SP – Jake Peavy, SD

SP – Brad Penny, LAD

SP – Cole Hamels, PHI

SP – Derek Lowe, LAD

SP – Roy Oswalt, HOU

RP – Francisco Cordero, MIL

RP – Takashi Saito, LAD

RP – Billy Wagner, NYM

RP – Jose Valverde, ARI

RP – Trevor Hoffman, SD 

Reserve – Albert Pujols, STL

Reserve – Jason Bay, PIT

Reserve – Bengie Molina, SF

Reserve – Orlando Hudson, ARI

Reserve – Ryan Zimmerman, WAS

Reserve – Edgar Renteria, ATL

Reserve – Matt Holliday, COL

Reserve – Brad Hawpe, COL

Reserve – Aramis Ramirez, CHC

Reserve – J.J. Hardy, MIL

Reserve – Adam Dunn, CIN

A couple notes on the All-Star roster:– We think that you have to put Bonds on the roster.  Not as a symbolic move (although he warrants that gesture since the game is being played in the only park in baseball where he will be cheered) but because he is having a great year at the plate.  He is leading the NL in OPS, and has an on-base percentage near .500. 

– We know we are snubbing a lot of guys, but it happens.  Our biggest snub is probably Alfonso Soriano, but there is just nowhere on the roster to put him.

  – The NL has so many great shortstops that someone is going to get snubbed.  We think that Hanley Ramirez will be the one left off.  He’ll make plenty of All-Star rosters in his career, so he can sit this one out. 

* * * * *

Its our blog dammit, so we are going to talk about our favorite team every week – The bad, bad baseball continues.  There is no reason that a team with playoff aspirations like the Indians should be losing a series to the Washington F’ing Nationals.  Oh, and Travis Hafner is no longer in a slump, he is officially having a crappy year. 

* * * * * 

How ‘bout tha…er I’ll be goddammed! – We here at WCT send our congratulations to Bobby Cox, for being ejected for the 132nd time in his illustrious managerial career, tying a major league record.  That’s quite a milestone Bobby!m-1349.jpg

2 Responses to “Last Week in Baseball! – Our NL All-Star Roster”

  1. rstiles said

    I agree with you – some players just get left off….and that NL shortstop position is LOADED with deserving players….Reyes, Ramirez, Hardy, Renteria, and Rollins….you can’t take all five….I could see LaRussa taking 3 of them though, being that Renteria used to play for him…..

  2. metfan said

    Carlos Beltran will make the starting roster,no doubt. He is in the lead for most votes. I know John Maine will not make it, but he’s got numbers like a all-star.
    Your roster is very good. It will probably be that only Aaron Rowand will be a reserved all-star.

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