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Last Week in Baseball! – Our AL All-Star Roster

Posted by wct6 on July 1, 2007


If you are like us, then you grew up loving Mel Allen and “This Week in Baseball.”  Here at WCT, we have “Last Week in Baseball!”  Please don’t sue us FOX!  

The season is just flying by, and it is time to start thinking about the All-Star Game.  To that end, we have come up with what we think the American League All-Star roster should look like.  

C – Victor Martinez, CLE

1B – Kevin Youkilis, BOS

2B – Placido Polanco, DET

3B – Alex Rodriguez, NYY

SS – Derek Jeter, NYY

LF – Manny Ramirez, BOS

CF – Torii Hunter, MIN

RF – Magglio Ordonez, DET 

SP – Josh Beckett, BOS

SP – C.C. Sabathia, CLE

SP – Dan Haren, OAK

SP – Johan Santana, MIN

SP – Justin Verlander, DET

RP – J.J. Putz, SEA

RP – Fransisco Rodriguez, LAA

RP – Johnathan Papelbon, BOS

RP – Bobby Jenks, CHW

RP – Hideki Okajima, BOS 

Reserve – Jorge Posada, NYY

Reserve – Vladimir Guerrero, LAA

Reserve – Mark Teahan, KC

Reserve – Brian Roberts, BAL

Reserve – Mike Lowell, BOS

Reserve – Carl Crawford, TB

Reserve – Alex Rios, TOR

Reserve – Justin Morneau, MIN

Reserve – Ichiro Suzuki, SEA

Reserve – Mark Teixeira, TEX 

Reserve – Carlos Guillen, DET

A couple notes on the All-Star roster: – Sorry Papi, no DH in the All-Star game this year, so he doesn’t make our roster.

 – There are just too many deserving starting pitchers in the American League.  Because we only made out a 30 man roster, we had to leave off John Lackey, Chad Gaudin, and Jeremy Bonderman.

 – So much for all that talk about James Shields making the All-Star team.  He has lost every start since we hyped him.

 – If Jack Cust had been with the A’s all season he would definitely make the team.  He has been abusing AL pitching since being called up in mid-May

* * * * *

Its our blog dammit, so we are going to talk about our favorite team every week – What a week for the Tribe! Three wins out of four against Oakland and the first three against the Devilrays, and finally the Indians are playing their best baseball of the season.  Not only that, but next Sunday the Indians will finish up a stretch of 58 games in 60 games.  If they can finish that grueling stretch still in first place in the central, we will be very optimistic for the second half.

* * * * * 

How ‘bout tha…er I’ll be goddammed! – Its all about Ben Fransisco.  There can’t be many better feelings that having your first career home run be a walk-off winner.

3 Responses to “Last Week in Baseball! – Our AL All-Star Roster”

  1. NFL Adam said


    The Angels have the best record in baseball, you know.

  2. wct6 said

    yes, but the indians are playing THEIR best baseball of the year. I actually picked the Angels to win it all this year

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