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O-ver-rate-ted! Clap! Clap! Clap-clap-clap!

Posted by wct6 on July 20, 2007

Tomorrow, the second most overrated male athelete in this world (but he’s gaining on you, Mr. Roddick!) will maybe take to the pitch (?) for the Los Angeles Galaxies, or whatever.

That, and our weekly duity to provide pictures of nearly nude women to you, the valued reader, got us to thinking: who are the most overrated women in the world?  Here is our top 5:

 5. Posh Spice


This was a lay-up.  And apparently, American T.V. viewers agree.  Our Book of Scrap once compared her to a scarecrow, probably the most accarate description of this hag we have ever read.

4. Mandy Moore


She was somewhat cute as a 15-year old teeny-bopper singer way back when, but it has been all downhill since about 1999.

3. Jenn Sterger


Ugh.  Raise your hand if your are not sick of this chick.

2. Angelina Jolie


Yes, she has tremendous DSL, and yes, she seems to be the dream woman of every red-blooded American woman with bisexual fantasies, but ever since this chick married Billy Bob Freaking Thorton, we have felt that the elevator didn’t go all the way to the top.  Some find that sexy, we just don’t ever want Thorton’s sloppy seconds.

1. Maria Sharapova


The queen of overrated women.  In our opinion, all discussions of overrated chicks should begin and end with her.   We find nothing sexy about this woman that an entire generation of young men drool over.

So there you have it.  We are fully prepared to get the NFL Adam treatment from all of you Sharapova-lovers.

Have a great weekend perverts!

11 Responses to “O-ver-rate-ted! Clap! Clap! Clap-clap-clap!”

  1. rstiles said

    I could agree with your selections….Posh Spice though looks like an anorexic crackwhore with a bad boob job…

    I think what makes Sharapova “hot” is her long legs…long legs always are worth a lot of points

  2. 5. Agreed.
    4. Agreed.
    3. Never heard of her.
    2. Agreed.
    1. What?! Are you crazy?

  3. wct6 said

    Rstiles, what do you mean “looks like?”

  4. Kyle said

    GREAT call on Sterger. Please go away, hooker.

  5. Graig said

    Sharapova is not hot at all. I’m sure up close she has a Stalin-esque mustache.

  6. 5. So fake she’s unattractive
    4. Absolutely no sex appeal
    3. Way hot, but her fellow cowgirls are just as smoking
    2. Completely overrated, lips don’t end the world
    1. An ordinary girl who’s slightly better than average looking

    Great list.

  7. Essa Morty said

    cuz we both thought,that love last foreve. Essa Morty.

  8. they say where to young,to get are self’s sprun. Andreas Tennyson.

  9. Chris said

    Sharapova has a delicious flat chest. In these times of boob jobs and boob-mania, she’s the last resort for those who never had wet dreams which involved sucking mom’s big breasts. DFC 4tw!

  10. Jane said

    Sharapova is an amazing athlete and deserves the credit she gets for it; though, yes, it would be nice not to just focus on her looks. To say she is overrated is ridiculous – you should have said Anna Kournikova instead, at least.

  11. Awesome maria pic.

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