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Death, Taxes, Our Book of Scrap.

Posted by wct6 on July 27, 2007

Another lazy week for us here at WCT, so once again we are piggy-backing off of epic carnival godfather (more on that coming soon!) Our Book of Scrap, who never dissappoints.

 OBoS has been all over the NBA cheerleader auditions, and this week he brings us his “coverage” of the Wizards tryouts!



Nobody beats the Wiz!

3 Responses to “Death, Taxes, Our Book of Scrap.”

  1. rstiles said

    That first chick has some nice thick ass thighs…I’d take meself 2 thighs and a breast to go!!

  2. Chris said

    Those thick thighs do nothing for me. Oh wait. I’m getting hungry. Time for some KFC.

  3. Jake Lloyd said

    I like your writing and content (and pictures) and I’ve linked to it on my site http://thesportscolumnist.blogspot.com/. I was wondering — if you like my site — if you could do the same.


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