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Pardon The…Interminible Vacation

Posted by wct6 on July 31, 2007

Parents, do all you can to encourage your children to grow up to be sports columnists and host their own evening talk shows, because they will be paid top dollar to work like three months a year.

Admittedly, Pardon the Interruption is probably our favorite show.  Allow us to re-phrase: Pardon the Interruption is usually our favorite show.  But watching the show lately, and its endless parade of fill-in hosts, has been a disaster.  Tony Kornheiser went on vacation somewhere around April we think, and we were treated to week after week of Wilbon and fill-in Dan LeBatard.  Then the show was inexplicably off the air for a week in favor of a second daily airing of “NASCAR Now,” only to return with both TK and Wilbon both gone yesterday!

This program was great because the chemistry that had developed between Wilbon and Kornheiser made it interesting TV.  Now it has degenerated to the point where they put on a crusty old sportswriter from Boston, opposite a guy who is most famous for having a brother who played professional tennis like 20 years ago.  Are there really that many ESPN staffers on vacation in late July?  Was Pete Sampras’ brother busy?

Something really has to be done.  Wilbon and Kornheiser’s ESPN duties, as far as we can tell, consist of showing up and arguing about sports for 30 minutes.  They need three months off from that?  We understand that Mike and Tony have earned the right to take vacation, but is there anyone in broadcasting who gets as much vacation as these guys?

Oh well, in a way we guess we should consider ourselves lucky.  Their selection of fill-in hosts could be worse:


4 Responses to “Pardon The…Interminible Vacation”

  1. kevin said

    Eh, you should give them a break. Summer is a downtime for a lot of organizations, including (probably) yours. People are using up their vacation time, and many of those that aren’t are slacking off. You know, doing stuff like working on blog entries. 🙂

  2. blogcabins said

    How many jobs does Kornheiser have these days? 3? I know it’s annoying when he’s taking a break from talking for a half hour a day, but I’d say he deserves it as well.

    Maybe Screamin’ A and Stu can fill-in? 😉

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