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Our Last Hope for a Hot Chick to Win This Thing

Posted by wct6 on August 31, 2007

Since our girl Daniela was eliminated from the US Open, and we have no interest in tennis for any reason other than to ogle the attractive female competitors, we have become big fans of Ana Ivanovic.  We know, you are probably a bigger fan of Maria


but we think she is overrated.  We will be cheering on Ana


in her second round match today vs…. aw, who cares?

Enjoy the weekend folks, and check out our college football weekend preview over at Epic Carnival 


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Our Day at the US Open

Posted by wct6 on August 30, 2007

Tuesday, my office got us all tickets Epic Carnival sent correspondents to cover the US Open of Tennis  at the USTA Tennis Center in Queens.  Read about the whole thing here

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Last Week in Baseball! – This is Gettin’ Good!

Posted by wct6 on August 26, 2007

If you are like us, you grew up loving “This Week in Baseball” and Mel Allen.  Here at WCT, we have “Last Week in Baseball!”  Please don’t sue us FOX! 

This weekend marks the first of September, and the beginning of the best 61 days in the sports calendar:  Football season kicks-off, and baseball games begin to get really really important.  We can already see a wild card race forming in the AL between the Mariners and Yankees (that is, if the Mariners don’t overtake the Angels), and we have already spoken to more than one person that thinks the Indians and Tigers are so evenly matched that they may have a one-game playoff in their future.  In the NL, the Cubs and Brewers are separated by two games in the loss column with three games remaining between them.  We don’t know about you, but we are psyched!

And now, on to the LWIB notes!

 – If this were college football, Chris Fowler would have some snappy nickname for this week’s slate of games (we’re thinking, “separation week,” or “showdown week”).  This week we will have series between the #1 and #2 teams in five of baseball’s six divisions.  The Yankees host the Red Sox, The Angels travel to Seattle to take on the Mariners, The Mets are at the Phillies, The Brewers are at Wrigley taking on the Cubs, and Arizona is at the Padres.  By the end of this week, those five races could be completely different than they are today.

 – The Dodgers showed just how desperate they were this week when they picked up David Wells.  You know things are bad when a fat, 44-year-old  cast-off is the cavalry.  Our pick to win the NL pennant are now like the guy who wears sweatpants out in public.  They have officially given up.

 – What was up with that peculiar scoring maneuver in Detroit over the weekend?  Placido Polanco commits an obvious throwing error, his first in 148 games, and then they change the scoring on the play the next day and give the error to Marcus Thames?  That was reeeally shady.

 – The Padres-Mets series from the middle of last week was probably the most entertaining three-game set we have seen in a while.  Three games, three blown saves, 10 total runs scored in the 9th and 10th innings.  That is a lot of late, clutch run-scoring!

– OK, apparently the Diamondbacks aren’t just joking around.  We guess they really plan on winning the NL West.  Who knew?

 – What is with Phillies trying to fight media members?  In April, manager Charlie Manuel threatend that dude that hosts a radio show in Philly and looks like the Burger King, and now Saturday night, surly relief pitcher Brett Myers tried to throw-down with a reporter who questioned him about blowing the game by giving up two ninth inning home runs.  To be fair, its good to see that Myers is now trying to punch people other than his own wife.

 – You know, baseball is just so much more entertaining with Milton Bradley crazy-ing it up by doing stuff like slamming his bat after home runs, turning his back to the infield to stare at fans in the bleachers, and barking at fans behind the plate.  If only the Padres could pick up Carl Evrett and add him to their 40-man roster for September.  Man that would be sweet.

* * * * *

Its our blog dammit, so we are going to talk about our favorite team every week – All of these freaking extra-inning games (the Indians played three on this roadtrip, one in each series) are going to kill the Tribe, who don’t have another off day until September 13th. 

 – The Indians went 6-3 on this past roadtrip, winning each series two-out-of-three, but for some reason it didn’t feel like they were playing their best baseball. 

 – Minnesota, Seattle, and the White Sox (who always seem to give the Indians trouble) this week, so it doesn’t get any easier.  

 – We think this team has found its new permanent #2 hitter in today’s hero, and new member of the WCT man-crush club, Asdrubal Cabrera.

* * * * *

How about tha…er…I’ll be goddamed! – The most obvious selection of the season:  Diamondbacks pitcher followed up a 4-5, 2 HR, 6 RBI night, with another HR in two ABs in his next start.  Who lit a fire under this dude??

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Bring On The Little Leaguers!

Posted by wct6 on August 24, 2007

We don’t know about you, but we love the little league world series.  What is it about 12-year-olds throwing each other 65 mph fastballs from 45 feet away that rivets us so?

Well this year it will be more than just the half-pints on a minature baseball diamond that keeps us glued to the couch.  It will also be the newest ESPN sideline reporter, Sophie Cortina.

We were first introduced to Ms. Cortina via Awful Announcing and his on-again, now off-again (?) crush on her.  We think she is pretty cute, when not looking like the “two-face” from the Seinfeld “festivus” episode (sorry, we had to use that line again).

The opinions on this chick are varied.  Some bloggers like her, some (dilusional, lying) folks would kick her out of bed for eating crackers.  (Adam, we’re sure you fall into that group).

It will make for good bar-room discussion as we sit at the local watering hole and wait out the last full weekend of 2007 without meaningful football.

Have a good weekend!

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You Just Don’t Find Stuff Like This on Sundays – Part 2

Posted by wct6 on August 21, 2007

Its so close you can almost taste it.  Football season.  Specifically, College football season. Now don’t get us wrong, we like our pro football just as much as we like our college.  The NFL has a higher quality of play on the field, and they actually end their season with a playoff. However there is so much that unique to college football that makes it so exciting and its arrival so anticipated.  To get you ready for the season we are going to run-down the top 10  things we love about football on Saturdays.  Today, 5 through 1 

5. Stadiums with character – This is something completely missing from the NFL.  All NFL stadiums, with the exception of Lambeau Field, fall into 2 categories – brand new cookie cutter stadiums with plenty of luxury suites and no charm, and older dumps that will soon be replaced by buildings that will fall into the first category.  College football stadiums are like great big league ballparks.  Each has its own history, charm, and identity.  And the fans actually get out of their seats and give their team a home field advantage.  This is nowhere to be found in the NFL.

4. TRUE Rivalries – With an emphasis on the word “true.”  I mean, 365 day-a-year obsessions.  Have you ever heard a Bears fan say, “you know, we were 2-14, but we beat the Packers twice so it was a good season!” Or ever seen a Browns coach fired because he beat everyone else but couldn’t beat the Steelers?  Of course not, because true, heated, obsessive, mood-altering rivalries do not exist in the NFL in the same way that they exist in college.

3. Fight Songs – notice we made the distinction between “bands” and “fight songs.”  Yes “Bear Down, Chicago Bears” is kind of catchy, and everyone knows the words to “Hail to the Redskins,” but can you name another NFL fight song?  On the other hand, what is a University of Tennessee game without “Rocky Top” being played 40 or 50 times?  Who doesn’t tap their toes when the “Tiger Rag” is played?  The goddam stadium literally rocks when the Texas A&M band plays “The Aggie War Hymn!”  Where are you going to find that in the pros?  Fight songs also give you a window into the soul of the school.  For example, did you know that many of the lyrics of the Georgia Tech fight song make reference to the University of Georgia and how much the Jackets hate them?  Talk about an inferiority complex!

2. Overtime done RIGHT – We don’t care what anyone says, we love college overtime.  We love the excitement, the back and forth nature of it, the strategy involved, the fact that they make you start attempting two-point conversions in the 3rd OT, and the fact that both teams are guaranteed the ball and a chance to score.  It is so anti-climactic when the team that wins the opening toss in an NFL sudden-death overtime game just takes the ball down the field and scores to end the game.  Such a let-down.

1. Enthusiasm – The enthusiasm you see at a college football game is unmatched in any other major sport.  On the field, in the stands, on the sideline, everyone is into it.  The players are playing like they are playing for fun, rather than for a paycheck.  The fans are college kids that are so drunk they can barely stand, rather than corporate types drinking merlot and sitting on their hands.  The cheerleaders are cute college coeds that actually attend the school they cheer for, rather than out-of-work strippers who have no allegiance to their team.  The difference in atmosphere is immense.

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Last Week in Baseball! – Joba, Jabba. Jabba, Joba.

Posted by wct6 on August 19, 2007

If you are like us, you grew up loving “This Week in Baseball” and Mel Allen.  Here at WCT, we have “Last Week in Baseball!”  Please don’t sue us FOX! 

 – The NL Central is officially anybody’s guess.  The Cubs and Brewers keep flip-flopping , and now the Cardinals have surged back into the race.  Incidentally, the Cards have climbed into the race without Chris Carpenter, and with a rotation of two former closers (Adam Wainwright and Braden Looper) two cast-offs (Kip Wells and Joel Pinero) and a 12-loss youngster (Anthony Reyes).

 – We know its only been a couple weeks, but the Braves have actually lost ground in the NL East race since their trade deadline moves.  How is that even possible?  Most people were handing them the division crown when they brought in Mark Teixiera.

 – Joba Chamberlain, the new pitcher the Yankees have brought up to be a setup man, is scary good.  If you haven’t seen him pitch he has the same sort of stuff Fransisco Rodriguez had when the Angels called him up in ’02.  He averages 98 with his fastball, and has at least three other nasty pitches he can throw for strikes at any point in the count.  Granted, he has only pitched seven Major League innings, but no one has really been able to touch him yet.

 – More importantly, is it Joe-ba, or Jah-ba?  We need answers.  Either way, get ready for everyone and their mother to start calling him “Joba the Hut.”

 – The Diamondbacks are still in first place.  This is really getting weird.

 – Speaking of Arizona, Brandon Webb is making a legitimate run at his second consecutive NL Cy Young award.  If he were to win, he would be in the company of guys like Tom Glavine and Johan Santana as two-time winners. 

* * * * *

Its our blog dammit, so we are going to talk about our favorite team every week – The Indians are now second in the American League in strikeouts and those Ks are killing this team in clutch situations.  Guys like Jhonny Perralta and Grady Sizemore seem to be good for like two strikeouts per game.  The move of Sizemore from leadoff to the #3 spot in the order should have been made months ago.

* * * * *

How about tha…er…I’ll be goddamed! – Johan Santana, who will be a very rich man after next season, tossed eight two-hit, shutout innings on Sunday and struck out 17 Rangers!  How do you not let a guy pitch the ninth when he is sitting on 17 strikeouts??

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Getting the Call Up to the Bigs

Posted by wct6 on August 17, 2007


Readers, your boy has finally been called up to the show.  We have been tapped to join the stable of writers over at Epic Carnival and we couldn’t be happier.

What does this mean for us? (By “us” we of course mean us – ie. me- and you the valued reader)  Well it means that you will still get the same hard-hitting sports opinion and analysis, the same Cleveland/Ohio related angst, and the same pics of nearly-nude women on Fridays.  But you now have a second spot where you can catch our opinions (mostly on college football to start) and chime in with your own.  So we will not devote less time to this blog, we will simply be wasting more time at work now writing for two blogs, or, wasting more company time (WMCT if you like).

So we wish you all a great weekend.  13 days till football season starts, we’ll drink to that!

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You Just Don’t Find Stuff Like This on Sundays – Part 1

Posted by wct6 on August 16, 2007

Its so close you can almost taste it.  Football season.  Specifically, College football season. Now don’t get us wrong, we like our pro football just as much as we like our college.  The NFL has a higher quality of play on the field, and they actually end their season with a playoff. However there is so much that unique to college football that makes it so exciting and its arrival so anticipated.  To get you ready for the season we are going to run-down the top 10  things we love about football on Saturdays.  Today, 10 through 6

10.  Saturdays – lets just start it off right there.  Saturday.  The best damn day of the week.  Even Fridays require a full day of work before you can belly up to the bar for happy hour.  And Sundays have the approaching work week looming over them like a storm cloud.  Everyone is in a good mood on Saturday, therefore anything that takes place on Saturdays in neccesarily better than anything that happens on any other day.  

9. Regional Wars – We grew up deep in the heart of Big 10 country.  People who grew up on the three-yards-and-a-cloud-of-dust football of the midwest have zero respect for the football they play out west.  Fans out west think there is no scoring in the games they play down south.  And the southern fans, well, they just hate everybody.  East vs. west, west vs. south, it makes for great bar room trash-talking on Saturday afternoons.  You just can’t get that in the NFL.  Have you ever been in your local watering hole on a Sunday afternoon and heard “I hate the brand of football they play in the NFC North!” or “AFC South football is just too boring for me!” Of course not.  The product is so homogenized that you can’t even tell the difference.

8. Instant Replay done RIGHT – College football gets it with instant replay.  In the major conferences, each coach gets to challege the referee’s call if he thinks a mistake is made, just like the NFL.  But unlike the pros, ever single play is also reviewed by the booth and subject to replay.  So if the refs make 3 mistakes in a half, 3 plays will get reviewed.  If the refs make 10 mistakes, 10 plays will get reviewed.  This is much better than the NFL and their limited number of challenges.

7. Bands – At Black colleges, the football game is just how you entertain yourself while the bands take a break.  But even at the big schools, the bands are attractions all to themselves.  The marching displays, the cheers, the songs during timeouts, they just add to the pagentry and excitement of the college game.

6. Live Mascots – If you go to a LSU Tiger home game, there is going to be a live tiger pacing in his cage down in one end zone.  If you stray too far off the field and Sanford Stadium, you might get your nuts bit off by a Bulldog.  Whether its Bevo the  longhorn steer, or Ralphie the Buffalo, or the War Eagle, mascots just make the college experience so unique.  Ever seen a live bear at Soldier Field?  Any colts roaming the sidelines in the RCA dome? Or a seahawk (whatever that is) at a Seattle game?

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Posted by wct6 on August 15, 2007

A few links to get us out of our FIRE ERIC WEDGE malaise.

(incidentlally, if you start, or have started, fireericwedge.com and need a writer, holler at your boy!)

A couple of good ones via the Big Lead roundup, first this guy, who is sick of Lou Holtz’s blatant pom-pom waving, and a blurb about a new ESPN college football song being written by Satellite party, 50 Cent, and Kelly Rowland.  Is this going to replace We’re Comin’ to Your Citaaaaay? who knows. (Chuckie Hacks, MTV)

Whats the best sporting day of the year?  We think it is the first Saturday in October.  College football in full swing, and the start of playoff baseball.  Maybe you prefer Final Four saturday, or the first day of the NFL playoffs?  Weigh in with your opinion over at the Big Picture.

The Pig Pen ranks the American League’s best uniforms.  We think the Tigers’ should have been #1.

Have you been thinking to yourself, hey, I wonder whatever happened to Jose Offerman? Well here is your answer, he is bopping around the minor leagues and attacking pitchers when he gets beaned.  Attacking them with his batNo, really, we aren’t kidding (Larry Brown Sports)

Our long national nightmare is finally over.  Drew Gooden is shaving off his “neckstache” (the FanHouse)

He his 5oo freaking home runs and all he got was THIS?? (Our Book of Scrap)

WCT posts link dumps whenever they feel lazy.  If you have written something interesting/witty/provocative and would like it to be included in a link post email us at wastingcompanytime[at]gmail.com.

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Last Week in Baseball! – Back in Black

Posted by wct6 on August 12, 2007

If you are like us, you grew up loving “This Week in Baseball” and Mel Allen.  Here at WCT, we have “Last Week in Baseball!”  Please don’t sue us FOX! 

Ok, first of all, we again apologize for the hiatus.  A lot has happened since we last posted in this space, so lets get right to it.

 – This prediction, from mid June mind you, is looking better and better.  The Red Sox just keep backing up, and the Yankees keep feeding on bad teams.  Its almost as if the Sox want to make their inevitable descent out of first place to be as slow and painful as possible so as to inflict as much tourture on their fans as possible.

 – Ok, so apparently the Arizona Diamondbacks weren’t kidding around about wanting to win the NL West.  They are a full three games clear of the field, and six up on our pick, The Dodgers.  Six games!

 – There is a legitimate chance that the three division winners in the NL will be the Diamondbacks, Brewers and Phillies.

 – We were a bit dissappointed at the mixed reaction that the San Diegoans San Diegans gave to Barry Bonds after hitting #755 last week.  We were expecting a lot more boos, and maybe even some syringes thrown onto the field.  Where was the vitriol?  However, the reaction from Bud Selig (bemusement, indifference) was hilarious.

 – Break up the Nationals! the team that we thought would challenge the ’62 Mets record for futility (120 losses)  is only 10 games under .500!

* * * * *

Its our blog dammit, so we are going to talk about our favorite team every week – This weekend’s home series against the Yankees was nothing short of an embarassment.  The Indians, proving a little more every day that the early season was just a mirage and they are still light-years away from being a legitimate pennant contender, have now lost all six games they have played against the Yankees this year, and have barely competed in any of them.  The team with the supposedly top-tier pitching staff allowed 10,9,8,6,11, and 5 runs to the Yankees in those games and had pitchers chased in the third inning or earlier three times.  Think about that.  Three out of six games the Indians starter could not retire nine batters before completely shitting himself on the mound.  Say what you want about the offensive woes, but when your goddam starting pitchers are consistently having 1+ or 2+ inning starts, you aren’t going to win many games. 

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