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Posted by wct6 on August 2, 2007

Apologies to those readers who roll their eyes when we go off on an Indians rant (Larry, we’re looking at you).

Last nights  game was such a microchosm of why this team will eventually miss the playoffs, its almost comical.  Their inconsitent hitting was chasing their bad pitching and shoddy defense all night, and they ended up on the short end of a (relatively) close game with a bad team.  A few notes:

 – This is not a second-guess, because we said it at the time, but Jensen Lewis (!!!) should not have started the 10th inning.  Why the hell was Borowski removed after 14 pitches in the 9th?  Why didn’t Tom Mastny start the 10th if Borowski was spent after one inning?

 – Paul Byrd has to give the Indians more than five and one-third innings.  The Indians’ bullpen is weak enough as it is, they don’t need to be stretched because their starters can’t pitch deep enough into games.

 – What the hell was Travis Hafner doing attempting to bunt in the 10th with one out and one on down three runs???  He is a goddam run producer.  They are not paying him to bunt the baseball.  And while we are on Hafner, has there been an Indian who has been more dissappointing this year?  The man with the brand-new contract is slugging .437 this year. Four Thirty-Seven.

 – Speaking of contracts, the three Indians that have been signed to new contracts recently, Hafner, Jake Westbrook (1-6 with an ERA just under 6), and Cliff Lee (currently riding buses and carrying his own bags in the minor leagues) have done a lot more to hurt this team in their playoff run than they have done to help.

 – The fact that the Indians’ wild-card lead has shrunk to two games in the last week to 10 days says more about how badly they have been playing, (2-5 in their last seven games) than it does how well the Yankees have been playing (4-3 over that span)

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