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Last Week in Baseball! – Back in Black

Posted by wct6 on August 12, 2007

If you are like us, you grew up loving “This Week in Baseball” and Mel Allen.  Here at WCT, we have “Last Week in Baseball!”  Please don’t sue us FOX! 

Ok, first of all, we again apologize for the hiatus.  A lot has happened since we last posted in this space, so lets get right to it.

 – This prediction, from mid June mind you, is looking better and better.  The Red Sox just keep backing up, and the Yankees keep feeding on bad teams.  Its almost as if the Sox want to make their inevitable descent out of first place to be as slow and painful as possible so as to inflict as much tourture on their fans as possible.

 – Ok, so apparently the Arizona Diamondbacks weren’t kidding around about wanting to win the NL West.  They are a full three games clear of the field, and six up on our pick, The Dodgers.  Six games!

 – There is a legitimate chance that the three division winners in the NL will be the Diamondbacks, Brewers and Phillies.

 – We were a bit dissappointed at the mixed reaction that the San Diegoans San Diegans gave to Barry Bonds after hitting #755 last week.  We were expecting a lot more boos, and maybe even some syringes thrown onto the field.  Where was the vitriol?  However, the reaction from Bud Selig (bemusement, indifference) was hilarious.

 – Break up the Nationals! the team that we thought would challenge the ’62 Mets record for futility (120 losses)  is only 10 games under .500!

* * * * *

Its our blog dammit, so we are going to talk about our favorite team every week – This weekend’s home series against the Yankees was nothing short of an embarassment.  The Indians, proving a little more every day that the early season was just a mirage and they are still light-years away from being a legitimate pennant contender, have now lost all six games they have played against the Yankees this year, and have barely competed in any of them.  The team with the supposedly top-tier pitching staff allowed 10,9,8,6,11, and 5 runs to the Yankees in those games and had pitchers chased in the third inning or earlier three times.  Think about that.  Three out of six games the Indians starter could not retire nine batters before completely shitting himself on the mound.  Say what you want about the offensive woes, but when your goddam starting pitchers are consistently having 1+ or 2+ inning starts, you aren’t going to win many games. 

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