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Our Sincerest Apologies…

Posted by wct6 on August 12, 2007

We apologize to you, the valued reader, for our unexplained, unplanned absence over the past week.  We were sick as dogs last week, and did not even leave the bed to turn on the computer for four full days.

But as badly as we were feeling, as much malase as had befallen us, as much as we felt that we had hit absolute rock-bottom as to how a human being could be feeling, we were still doing much much better than the Cleveland Indians’ “offense.”

Coming into this weekend’s series against New York, we were thinking that if the Tribe could just take one game we would consider it a success.  Think about that.  This is a (supposedly) playoff caliber team, in the middle of a pennant race, playing a series at home in the middle of August, and we were just hoping to not completely get embarassed.  So what happend?  They got completely embarassed.

Lets face it, they can’t hit.  They have no ability to put hits together in the clutch.  Against even average pitching, most of their regulars look like triple-A hitters seeing big league pitching for the first time.  They are completely lost.

We aren’t so much mad about the fact that the Indians got their doors blown off in this three-game set, because that was expected.  We are mad at the fact that this team is playing its way out of the playoffs, again, and no one seems to be doing anything about it.  We hate to keep pounding the same people over and over again, but why is it that when the team goes through long stretches of playing flat, listless baseball (2005 final month, 2007 second half, all of 2006 season) Eric Wedge is either unwilling or unable to say anything to the team to light a fire under them?  Wedge, who was inexplicably signed to a contract extestion during this year, will have managed the Indians through a spectacular collapse in ’05, a huge underacheivement in ’06, and a complete post-all-star-break meltdown here in ’07.

more to come

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