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Posted by wct6 on August 15, 2007

A few links to get us out of our FIRE ERIC WEDGE malaise.

(incidentlally, if you start, or have started, fireericwedge.com and need a writer, holler at your boy!)

A couple of good ones via the Big Lead roundup, first this guy, who is sick of Lou Holtz’s blatant pom-pom waving, and a blurb about a new ESPN college football song being written by Satellite party, 50 Cent, and Kelly Rowland.  Is this going to replace We’re Comin’ to Your Citaaaaay? who knows. (Chuckie Hacks, MTV)

Whats the best sporting day of the year?  We think it is the first Saturday in October.  College football in full swing, and the start of playoff baseball.  Maybe you prefer Final Four saturday, or the first day of the NFL playoffs?  Weigh in with your opinion over at the Big Picture.

The Pig Pen ranks the American League’s best uniforms.  We think the Tigers’ should have been #1.

Have you been thinking to yourself, hey, I wonder whatever happened to Jose Offerman? Well here is your answer, he is bopping around the minor leagues and attacking pitchers when he gets beaned.  Attacking them with his batNo, really, we aren’t kidding (Larry Brown Sports)

Our long national nightmare is finally over.  Drew Gooden is shaving off his “neckstache” (the FanHouse)

He his 5oo freaking home runs and all he got was THIS?? (Our Book of Scrap)

WCT posts link dumps whenever they feel lazy.  If you have written something interesting/witty/provocative and would like it to be included in a link post email us at wastingcompanytime[at]gmail.com.


One Response to “Links…”

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more on lambasting Wedge for that loss. I’ve been breathing slowly and counting to 10, so I don’t want to get started again. That was just awful.

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