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You Just Don’t Find Stuff Like This on Sundays – Part 1

Posted by wct6 on August 16, 2007

Its so close you can almost taste it.  Football season.  Specifically, College football season. Now don’t get us wrong, we like our pro football just as much as we like our college.  The NFL has a higher quality of play on the field, and they actually end their season with a playoff. However there is so much that unique to college football that makes it so exciting and its arrival so anticipated.  To get you ready for the season we are going to run-down the top 10  things we love about football on Saturdays.  Today, 10 through 6

10.  Saturdays – lets just start it off right there.  Saturday.  The best damn day of the week.  Even Fridays require a full day of work before you can belly up to the bar for happy hour.  And Sundays have the approaching work week looming over them like a storm cloud.  Everyone is in a good mood on Saturday, therefore anything that takes place on Saturdays in neccesarily better than anything that happens on any other day.  

9. Regional Wars – We grew up deep in the heart of Big 10 country.  People who grew up on the three-yards-and-a-cloud-of-dust football of the midwest have zero respect for the football they play out west.  Fans out west think there is no scoring in the games they play down south.  And the southern fans, well, they just hate everybody.  East vs. west, west vs. south, it makes for great bar room trash-talking on Saturday afternoons.  You just can’t get that in the NFL.  Have you ever been in your local watering hole on a Sunday afternoon and heard “I hate the brand of football they play in the NFC North!” or “AFC South football is just too boring for me!” Of course not.  The product is so homogenized that you can’t even tell the difference.

8. Instant Replay done RIGHT – College football gets it with instant replay.  In the major conferences, each coach gets to challege the referee’s call if he thinks a mistake is made, just like the NFL.  But unlike the pros, ever single play is also reviewed by the booth and subject to replay.  So if the refs make 3 mistakes in a half, 3 plays will get reviewed.  If the refs make 10 mistakes, 10 plays will get reviewed.  This is much better than the NFL and their limited number of challenges.

7. Bands – At Black colleges, the football game is just how you entertain yourself while the bands take a break.  But even at the big schools, the bands are attractions all to themselves.  The marching displays, the cheers, the songs during timeouts, they just add to the pagentry and excitement of the college game.

6. Live Mascots – If you go to a LSU Tiger home game, there is going to be a live tiger pacing in his cage down in one end zone.  If you stray too far off the field and Sanford Stadium, you might get your nuts bit off by a Bulldog.  Whether its Bevo the  longhorn steer, or Ralphie the Buffalo, or the War Eagle, mascots just make the college experience so unique.  Ever seen a live bear at Soldier Field?  Any colts roaming the sidelines in the RCA dome? Or a seahawk (whatever that is) at a Seattle game?

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