Wasting Company Time

If Bloggin’ Is Wrong, We Don’t Wanna Be Right

Getting the Call Up to the Bigs

Posted by wct6 on August 17, 2007


Readers, your boy has finally been called up to the show.  We have been tapped to join the stable of writers over at Epic Carnival and we couldn’t be happier.

What does this mean for us? (By “us” we of course mean us – ie. me- and you the valued reader)  Well it means that you will still get the same hard-hitting sports opinion and analysis, the same Cleveland/Ohio related angst, and the same pics of nearly-nude women on Fridays.  But you now have a second spot where you can catch our opinions (mostly on college football to start) and chime in with your own.  So we will not devote less time to this blog, we will simply be wasting more time at work now writing for two blogs, or, wasting more company time (WMCT if you like).

So we wish you all a great weekend.  13 days till football season starts, we’ll drink to that!

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