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You Just Don’t Find Stuff Like This on Sundays – Part 2

Posted by wct6 on August 21, 2007

Its so close you can almost taste it.  Football season.  Specifically, College football season. Now don’t get us wrong, we like our pro football just as much as we like our college.  The NFL has a higher quality of play on the field, and they actually end their season with a playoff. However there is so much that unique to college football that makes it so exciting and its arrival so anticipated.  To get you ready for the season we are going to run-down the top 10  things we love about football on Saturdays.  Today, 5 through 1 

5. Stadiums with character – This is something completely missing from the NFL.  All NFL stadiums, with the exception of Lambeau Field, fall into 2 categories – brand new cookie cutter stadiums with plenty of luxury suites and no charm, and older dumps that will soon be replaced by buildings that will fall into the first category.  College football stadiums are like great big league ballparks.  Each has its own history, charm, and identity.  And the fans actually get out of their seats and give their team a home field advantage.  This is nowhere to be found in the NFL.

4. TRUE Rivalries – With an emphasis on the word “true.”  I mean, 365 day-a-year obsessions.  Have you ever heard a Bears fan say, “you know, we were 2-14, but we beat the Packers twice so it was a good season!” Or ever seen a Browns coach fired because he beat everyone else but couldn’t beat the Steelers?  Of course not, because true, heated, obsessive, mood-altering rivalries do not exist in the NFL in the same way that they exist in college.

3. Fight Songs – notice we made the distinction between “bands” and “fight songs.”  Yes “Bear Down, Chicago Bears” is kind of catchy, and everyone knows the words to “Hail to the Redskins,” but can you name another NFL fight song?  On the other hand, what is a University of Tennessee game without “Rocky Top” being played 40 or 50 times?  Who doesn’t tap their toes when the “Tiger Rag” is played?  The goddam stadium literally rocks when the Texas A&M band plays “The Aggie War Hymn!”  Where are you going to find that in the pros?  Fight songs also give you a window into the soul of the school.  For example, did you know that many of the lyrics of the Georgia Tech fight song make reference to the University of Georgia and how much the Jackets hate them?  Talk about an inferiority complex!

2. Overtime done RIGHT – We don’t care what anyone says, we love college overtime.  We love the excitement, the back and forth nature of it, the strategy involved, the fact that they make you start attempting two-point conversions in the 3rd OT, and the fact that both teams are guaranteed the ball and a chance to score.  It is so anti-climactic when the team that wins the opening toss in an NFL sudden-death overtime game just takes the ball down the field and scores to end the game.  Such a let-down.

1. Enthusiasm – The enthusiasm you see at a college football game is unmatched in any other major sport.  On the field, in the stands, on the sideline, everyone is into it.  The players are playing like they are playing for fun, rather than for a paycheck.  The fans are college kids that are so drunk they can barely stand, rather than corporate types drinking merlot and sitting on their hands.  The cheerleaders are cute college coeds that actually attend the school they cheer for, rather than out-of-work strippers who have no allegiance to their team.  The difference in atmosphere is immense.

3 Responses to “You Just Don’t Find Stuff Like This on Sundays – Part 2”

  1. I know how you feel – http://suckatsports.blogspot.com/2007/08/college-football-is-better-than-pro.html

    Must be the Ohio background.

  2. wct6 said

    Nice – I didn’t even see your post… Great minds think alike I guess

  3. Yeah, I guess so.

    I got ripped on it when I cross-published it to ArmchairGM, by some guy who went to Old Dominion or something.

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