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T.W.I.S.- This Week In Sterj

Posted by wct6 on September 13, 2007

It has been quite a week for now-former Sports Illustrated “reporter” and, overrated, perpetually semi-nude celebrity Jenn Sterger.  First, word came out that she was relieved of her duties at SI. Incidentally, what do you think the reason was?  Our guess is creative differences.  Anyway, Ms. Sterger did not take this dismissal (we don’t know that she was fired.  But come on.) lying down.  Within the week she was hired to join the staff of something called “NFL Gridiron Gab,”  where she will bring her unique talent for…whatever, to the website that is said to provide “NFL football news, NFL game predictions, player tidbits and objective commentary.”  By the way, when you think of NFL football news and objective commentary, what image pops into your head?

Exactly.  Do you think Peter King is jealous?

The funniest thing is that in the press release announcing her hiring, they mention that she was previously known simply as the “FSU Cowgirl,” and they mentioned the genesis of her now interminable 15 minutes of fame, the boob shot of her in the FSU-Miami game from a few weeks back.  So that if you are a marginally intelligent frat boy who has know earthly idea who “Jen Sterger” is, the release jogs your memory by effectively saying “dude, remember the broad with the fake tits and cowboy hat from that football game? 


 Dude, this is her man!”

We here at WCT wish the Sterj, as she was known on OBoS, nothing but the best of luck in this endeavor.  And if her writing at NFL GG is anything like it was at SI, it will provide ample fodder for us and every other blogger who is so sick of seeing this chick we can’t even convey it to you.

Peace-out bloggers, check us out over at Epic Carnival for your college football pleasure

2 Responses to “T.W.I.S.- This Week In Sterj”

  1. bjorn said

    not bad!:-)

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