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Our EC Blog Poll Ballot – Week 4

Posted by wct6 on September 20, 2007

As you may or may not know by now, we have a blog poll over at Epic Carnival that comes out every week.  Before you check out the complete rankings according to the carnies, check out our ballot and comments:

1. LSU – Still have the most impressive win of the top 5 teams

2. USC – Now we will see if the Pac-10 is as tough as everyone says it is

3. Florida – I’m a believer now

4. Oklahoma – So far, the Sooners are under the radar, but they could be the best team in America

5. Wisconsin – I still think they are the best team in the Big Ten

6. Cal – The tougher game is next week vs. Oregon, but the better not look past ‘zona

7. West Virginia – That pathetic defense they have will be their downfall at some point this year

8. Texas – So overrated, yet still undefeated.  I’m just waiting for a reason to drop them

9. Ohio State – Finally, they gave me a reason to include them in the top 10

10. Rutgers – Still under the radar.  They will get more exposure when the crush Maryland next week  

11. Penn State – Blowing out the dregs of D-1 is one thing, beating a suddenly-confident Michigan team in Ann Arbor will be tougher

12. Oregon – If they beat Cal next week, I’ll find a way to include them in the top 10

13. Boston College – Welcome to the poll BC.  I don’t see you staying here long

14. Alabama – They just keep movin’ up

15. South Carolina – Don’t laugh, if this team could beat Florida in November they could wind up in the SEC championship game

16. Texas A&M – Franchione is going to blow it eventually, I just know it

17. South Florida – Suddenly the USF-WVU game next week looms pretty large

18. Kentucky – I finally got one right!

19. Georgia – Their contest against ‘bama Saturday is the game of the week

20. Louisville – I’m going to call them the Carinals, because they have absolutely no “D”

21. Virginia Tech – They can’t be as bad as they looked in Baton Rouge a couple weeks ago

Dropped Out:

Washington – They will be heard from again this year 

Georgia Tech – What happend to them against BC?

Nebraska – Who didn’t see that coming a mile away?

Tennessee – They have to be better than they were on Saturday, right?

UCLA – Wow.  Thats all I can say

Others Receiving Consideration:
Michigan State – Under the radar, but very good so far

Cincinnati – Yes, Cincinnati

STILL Not Receiving any Consideration: Hawaii

One Response to “Our EC Blog Poll Ballot – Week 4”

  1. rstiles said

    Yep, I agree with you about S. Carolina….they could be a sleeper

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