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Should the Tribe have the Top Two Finishers in the Cy Young Voting?

Posted by wct6 on September 25, 2007


 A friend of ours says that you always either overrate (because of blind homerism) or underrate (because you look for faults) your favorite team.  As you could probably tell this year, from our constant Sizemore-bashing, we would probably fall into the second category.  So it is no surprise that it took until Septetember 25th for this to occur to us:

Should Carsten Charles and Fausto finish 1-2 (not neccessarily in that order) in the Cy Young balloting?  Check this out

Wins – Both have 18, tied for 2nd in the AL

ERA – Carmona 3.03, 1st in the AL; Sabathia 3.19, 6th in the AL

Quality Starts – Carmona 25, 2nd; Sabathia 24, 3rd

IP – Sabathia 234, 1st; Carmona 208 11th

Just sayin’…

2 Responses to “Should the Tribe have the Top Two Finishers in the Cy Young Voting?”

  1. kevin said

    I see those as two out of the top four, with Beckett and Santana being the other two. Santana’s record isn’t great, but his ERA and WHIP are good, while his strikeout numbers are through the roof. And Beckett has had the benefit of playing for a very high profile team. We’ll see how things shake out, but my guess is that neither one of these guys will walk away with the award.

  2. rstiles said

    Don’t forget about Wang from NY…he is 19-7 – plus he missed the first 3 weeks of the season…

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