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May We Help You?

Posted by wct6 on September 28, 2007

Yes?  What are you here for?  Oh I get it.  You came for the gratuitous semi-nudity didn’t you?  DIDN’T YOU??  Do you have any idea how hard it is to come up with a reason to post a picture of a almost-naked woman and have it somehow relate to sports each week?  Its tough man!  Real tough. 

You try it.  Just try it for two weeks.  I dare you.  You read a story about Jenn Sterger on Monday?  Sorry!  Too early in the week.  News breaks on Erin Andrews on Sunday?  Tough shit!  You missed your window. 

So some weeks, Friday comes and you got nothing.  Nada.  Especially during the fall, when people are so concerned about actual, you know, sports occuring on the field, and not sideline reporters, or flashers in the stands or groupies or anything like that.

Oh well, you don’t care.  You don’t even bother to click over to Epic Carnival to check out our weekly football preview.  You know real sports analysis.  Anyone can post spank-worthy pics of women.  That preview is choc-full of snark, man.  You just can’t get that kind of sarcasm and dick-ishness anywhere.  But do you care? Of course not.

Fine.  You know what? You win.  Here is a picture of a USC cheerleader showing us the Trojans ability to “spread” the field.


Her, you care about.  The actual team and their battle with Washington this Saturday? Not so much.  Whatever.

4 Responses to “May We Help You?”

  1. Sarge said

    Well hello there USC…

  2. wct6 said

    forgot to mention: the photo is courtesy of the Wizard of Odds

  3. rstiles said

    FUCK!!!…what a nice surprise!!

  4. floridacollegeblog said

    This is the first time I’ve had no problem with USC spreading the field.

    I wish this cheerleader were going commando.

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