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Our EC Blogpoll Ballot – Week 6

Posted by wct6 on October 3, 2007

As you should definitely know by now, we have a blog poll over at Epic Carnival that comes out every week.  Before you check out the complete rankings according to the carnies, check out our ballot and comments: 

1. LSU – The AP voters finally started to see things our way.  Can’t wait to see this team in person Saturday.

2. USC – Sorry. You gotta be able to beat an unranked team by more than 3 to be #1.

3. Cal – Mark our words: They will beat USC.  Well, them or Oregon.

4. Ohio State – Truth be told, we don’t think they are that good.  But we can’t find anyone else to put in this spot, so the Bucks are #4.

5. Florida – We can’t punish them too much for this past weekend.  Plus we want to beleive that this Saturday’s game is still meaningful.

6. Wisconsin – Starting to look like the 2002 Buckeyes.

7. Boston College – They don’t play another tough game for almost a month.

8. South Florida – Tough, tough defense, but a very shaky offense.

9. Oklahoma – Didn’t punish them too much, but they better crush Texas this weekend, or we’re going to really drop them.

10. Kentucky – We love them, but having them ahead of teams like Florida or Oklahoma is insanity.

11. Oregon – We didn’t move them down at all because we were that impressed with this team in defeat Saturday.

12. South Carolina – Steve Spurrier is a coaching god.

13. Virginia Tech – Slowly climbing back up the rankings.  Big game October 25 against BC.

14. West Virginia – We knew that would happen eventually.

15. Texas – See above

16. Georgia – Still think this is a decent team.  Should be an interesting month for them having to play Tennessee and Florida

17. Missouri – We see them destroying Nebraska and going to the Big 12 Championship game without breaking a sweat.

18. Purdue – Lots of O, not much D.  Should be interesting match-up this weekend when the Buckeyes come to West Lafayette.

19. Arizona St. – All they had to do what get rid of Sam Keller, and suddenly this is a pretty good football team

20. Rutgers – How do you lose at home to Maryland??  Ray Rice can kiss the Heisman goodbye

21. Cincinnatti – The Big East now has one more team on my board than the Big Ten.  Weird.  Cincy vs. Rutgers should be a pretty good game this weekend.

* * * * *

Dropped Out:

Alabama – Ugh.  You lost to a reeling Florida State team?  We take back all of the good things we said about this team.

Clemson – We told you they were overrated!  We told you!

* * * * *

Others Receiving Consideration:

Michigan State – This is a team people are going to have to deal with.  The other 10 teams in the conference shed a tear when they fired John L. Smith.

* * * * *

Receiving Consideration? Hell-to-the-naw!

Hawaii (or is it Hawai’i?  Suddenly some people started putting an apostrophe there.)


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