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Our EC Blog Poll Ballot – Week 7

Posted by wct6 on October 10, 2007

If you don’t know this by now, you’re just not paying attention. We have a blog poll over at Epic Carnival that comes out every week.  Before you check out the complete rankings according to the carnies, check out our ballot and comments: 

1. LSU – The best team in the nation, but very beatable.

2. Cal – The most impressive bye week I have ever seen. Brilliant.

3. Ohio State – The best defense in the nation (so far)

4. Boston College – This is obviously a fluid situation, but right now, Matt Ryan is the front-runner for the heisman

5. Oregon – Suddenly under most people’s radar after one close loss to a good team

6. Oklahoma – I’m going to give them a pass for that performance against Colorado.  I still think this is a top team

7. USC – I see two or three losses for this team.

8. South Florida – No way they go undefeated in the Big East

9. South Carolina – They control their own destiny to get to the SEC Championship game.

10. Virginia Tech – Getting better and better every week.  This could end up as the best team in the ACC

11. West Virginia – Eh, nothing special.

12. Missouri – Clearly the best team in the train-wreck that is, the Big 12 North.  Big game against OU.

13. Florida – The best two loss team in recent memory

14. Arizona State – Washington, Cal, and Oregon in the next three games will tell us how good ASU really is.

15. Cincinnati – They can’t be for real…. Can they?

16. Kentucky – Brutal, brutal schedule.  And very weak defense.

17. Illinois – This team definitely looks like they are for real

18. Kansas – NOBODY is talking about this team, but they have one more quality win than that Hawaii

19. Tennessee – Welcome back to respectability. 

20. Georgia – Still a decent team

21. Texas – I told you they would lose at least twice this year

* * * * *

Dropped Out

Purdue – Saw that one coming.  You can’t build a team around offense with no D.

Rutgers – Such a dissapointment.  Ray Rice can kiss any shot at the Heisman good bye.

* * * * *

Others Receiving Consideration

Michigan – After hitting rock bottom in week 2, they have been clawing their way back.

Florida St. – Also working back to respectability.  They seem better with Lee at QB.

Auburn – This team can still jump up and bite you .  Just ask the Gators

* * * * *   

NO!  Even After a Win Over 0-6 Utah F-ing State! NO!



One Response to “Our EC Blog Poll Ballot – Week 7”

  1. rstiles said

    I love it….you have Kansas ranked!!!…Bear Mangenius baby!!!

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