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Wedgie being Wedgie

Posted by wct6 on October 8, 2007


For those of you tuning in for Last Week in Baseball, it will be seen here at the conclusion of the first round, in other words, Thursday morning.

When Eric Wedge fills out his lineup card tonight, he will be doing two groups of people a huge favor.  Namely, The New York Yankees, and Jacobs Field beer vendors.  That is because starting Paul Byrd tonight in game 4 virtually ensures that there will be a game 5 on Wednesday back in Cleveland.

Byrd, who lost three of his last four decisions down the stretch, pitched once against the Yankees this season, allowing seven (SEVEN) runs in two (TWO) innings on August 11th.  By the way, that game was played in Cleveland.  In that brilliant outing, in which his ERA was 31.50 and his batting average against was an astronomical .583, Byrd only faced 14 batters, and allowed seven of them to score.  C.C. Sabathia, even on three-days-rest, can do better than that.

Please save your “But Byrd won 15 games this year” comments.  Lets look at Byrd’s last 10 wins.  In reverse order: White Sox, White Sox, Twins, Tigers, Devil Rays, Twins, Twins, Rangers, A’s, Red Sox.  One playoff team.  And during that span he was shelled by the Yankees and Angels, two playoff teams.

The Indians should be pitching Sabathia tonight on short rest, and, if need be, Carmona in game 5 on full rest.  Byrd should be in the bully as a long man in case C.C. gets in trouble.  Chances are, on three-days-rest Sabathia could give the Tribe five innings, and you could mix and match the final four innings with rested releivers Raffy Perez (whom the Yankees haven’t touched) and Raffy Betancourt (whom very few people in the AL touched) setting up for a rested Borowski.  I would take a 75% C.C. in game 4 and if need be a 100% Carmona in game 5 any day over a 100% Byrd and 100% Sabathia.  Wedge should be saying to the Yankees, if you are going to win this series, you are going to have to beat our two best pitchers.

Also, if you are going to post something ridiculous like “Who starts game 1 of the LCS if the Tribe wins in 5?” please save it.  You don’t manage game 5 of the Division Series to set yourself up for the Championship Series.  You have to do everything you can to give yourself the best chance to win the series that you are in right now, then worry about the LCS if you get there.  Eric Wedge is not doing that.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we have to go bet our next two rent payments on the Yankees in tonights game.

*Update Fire Eric Wedge has hit the blogosphere in anticipation of tonight’s loss.  Incredible*


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Posted by wct6 on September 30, 2007

We have been waiting a long time to get this off our chests, so here goes: Remember this?  

Seems like it was like 1,000 years ago doesn’t it?  Now look where you are.  You losers.  You are 24 games out of first-place.  You are 18 games under .500.  You are fighting off the Kansas City Mother-Fucking Royals to stay out of last place in the division.  You are in the conversation for worst team in baseball.  You have a worse record than the Washington Nationals, who were thought of by many to be one of the worst teams in Major League history.

All but two National League teams have scored more runs than you.  Are you fucking kidding?  How is that even possible? 14 of the 16 teams in the league where the goddam pitcher bats have scored more runs than you?  You have Jim Thome and his 500+ home runs as your DH, they have pitchers, most of whom couldn’t hit water if they fell out of a fucking boat, and almost 90% of them scored more runs than you.

Arizona and their .735 team OPS and Tony Fucking Clark batting cleanup has managed to score more runs than you?  Arizona hasn’t even outscored their own opponents this year, and they have outscored you.

San Diego and their .250 team batting average and 55 stolen bases AS A TEAM, have scored nearly 4o more runs this year than you.

You didn’t think that Cleveland fans would forget that did you? It has been such a pleasure watching you suck all year.  It has made the MLB package so worth it.  Watching your horrible homer broadcasters complain and make excuses while you continue to suck. Watching your asshole players lose and asshole fans in the stands.  Its been fan-fucking-tastic.

You can put THAT on the board.  Yes!

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Our Sincerest Apologies…

Posted by wct6 on August 12, 2007

We apologize to you, the valued reader, for our unexplained, unplanned absence over the past week.  We were sick as dogs last week, and did not even leave the bed to turn on the computer for four full days.

But as badly as we were feeling, as much malase as had befallen us, as much as we felt that we had hit absolute rock-bottom as to how a human being could be feeling, we were still doing much much better than the Cleveland Indians’ “offense.”

Coming into this weekend’s series against New York, we were thinking that if the Tribe could just take one game we would consider it a success.  Think about that.  This is a (supposedly) playoff caliber team, in the middle of a pennant race, playing a series at home in the middle of August, and we were just hoping to not completely get embarassed.  So what happend?  They got completely embarassed.

Lets face it, they can’t hit.  They have no ability to put hits together in the clutch.  Against even average pitching, most of their regulars look like triple-A hitters seeing big league pitching for the first time.  They are completely lost.

We aren’t so much mad about the fact that the Indians got their doors blown off in this three-game set, because that was expected.  We are mad at the fact that this team is playing its way out of the playoffs, again, and no one seems to be doing anything about it.  We hate to keep pounding the same people over and over again, but why is it that when the team goes through long stretches of playing flat, listless baseball (2005 final month, 2007 second half, all of 2006 season) Eric Wedge is either unwilling or unable to say anything to the team to light a fire under them?  Wedge, who was inexplicably signed to a contract extestion during this year, will have managed the Indians through a spectacular collapse in ’05, a huge underacheivement in ’06, and a complete post-all-star-break meltdown here in ’07.

more to come

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You’re Going the WRONG WAAAAAY!

Posted by wct6 on August 2, 2007

Apologies to those readers who roll their eyes when we go off on an Indians rant (Larry, we’re looking at you).

Last nights  game was such a microchosm of why this team will eventually miss the playoffs, its almost comical.  Their inconsitent hitting was chasing their bad pitching and shoddy defense all night, and they ended up on the short end of a (relatively) close game with a bad team.  A few notes:

 – This is not a second-guess, because we said it at the time, but Jensen Lewis (!!!) should not have started the 10th inning.  Why the hell was Borowski removed after 14 pitches in the 9th?  Why didn’t Tom Mastny start the 10th if Borowski was spent after one inning?

 – Paul Byrd has to give the Indians more than five and one-third innings.  The Indians’ bullpen is weak enough as it is, they don’t need to be stretched because their starters can’t pitch deep enough into games.

 – What the hell was Travis Hafner doing attempting to bunt in the 10th with one out and one on down three runs???  He is a goddam run producer.  They are not paying him to bunt the baseball.  And while we are on Hafner, has there been an Indian who has been more dissappointing this year?  The man with the brand-new contract is slugging .437 this year. Four Thirty-Seven.

 – Speaking of contracts, the three Indians that have been signed to new contracts recently, Hafner, Jake Westbrook (1-6 with an ERA just under 6), and Cliff Lee (currently riding buses and carrying his own bags in the minor leagues) have done a lot more to hurt this team in their playoff run than they have done to help.

 – The fact that the Indians’ wild-card lead has shrunk to two games in the last week to 10 days says more about how badly they have been playing, (2-5 in their last seven games) than it does how well the Yankees have been playing (4-3 over that span)

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Pardon The…Interminible Vacation

Posted by wct6 on July 31, 2007

Parents, do all you can to encourage your children to grow up to be sports columnists and host their own evening talk shows, because they will be paid top dollar to work like three months a year.

Admittedly, Pardon the Interruption is probably our favorite show.  Allow us to re-phrase: Pardon the Interruption is usually our favorite show.  But watching the show lately, and its endless parade of fill-in hosts, has been a disaster.  Tony Kornheiser went on vacation somewhere around April we think, and we were treated to week after week of Wilbon and fill-in Dan LeBatard.  Then the show was inexplicably off the air for a week in favor of a second daily airing of “NASCAR Now,” only to return with both TK and Wilbon both gone yesterday!

This program was great because the chemistry that had developed between Wilbon and Kornheiser made it interesting TV.  Now it has degenerated to the point where they put on a crusty old sportswriter from Boston, opposite a guy who is most famous for having a brother who played professional tennis like 20 years ago.  Are there really that many ESPN staffers on vacation in late July?  Was Pete Sampras’ brother busy?

Something really has to be done.  Wilbon and Kornheiser’s ESPN duties, as far as we can tell, consist of showing up and arguing about sports for 30 minutes.  They need three months off from that?  We understand that Mike and Tony have earned the right to take vacation, but is there anyone in broadcasting who gets as much vacation as these guys?

Oh well, in a way we guess we should consider ourselves lucky.  Their selection of fill-in hosts could be worse:


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Are You Starting to Beleive Us Now?

Posted by wct6 on July 24, 2007

Are you starting to beleive this little prediction yet?

Well, maybe we got it wrong. Maybe the Indians will keep backing up like a NFL Cornerback and gift wrap the AL wild-card.  If they keep losing games when their ace pitcher holds one of the best hitting teams in baseball to one goddam run they’ll be out of the playoff race before you know it

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Great Moments in John Kruk History – This Past Week

Posted by wct6 on July 11, 2007

Before the Home Run Derby“Left-handed hitters have a huge advantage in this contest.”

All left-handed competitors were eliminated in the first round

Before the All-star game“The MVP of the All-star game will be Dimitri Young.  Watch out for the ‘meat hook!'”

The “meat hook” didn’t get into the game until the ninth inning, when he reached on an infield hit that on any other day would have been an error.  By the way – when making your MVP picks, its always smart to pick a guy who, not only isn’t a starter, but is a benificiary of the “every team MUST BE REPRESENTED” rule.

Again, Before the All-star game“I don’t believe the NL is significantly worse than the AL.”

The NL has now gone 11 years since their last all-star game win, lost seven of the last 11 World Series (four sweeps in that span), and get their asses handed to them every goddam year in interleague play.

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There is Officially a New Sports Storyline That We are Sick Of Hearing About

Posted by wct6 on June 27, 2007

We now have a new one to add to The List

1. Roger Clemens’ inability to commit to retirement

2. Brett Favre’s inability to commit to retirement

3. Anything related to Barry Bonds

4. Anything related to Terrell Owens

5. Anything related to Alex Rodriguez

6. Anything related to Dog fighting

and now

7. NBA divas demanding trades.

Honestly, we could not be more tired of hearing about trade demands (KG, Kobe, and now Paul Pierce??), and convoluted trade scenarios involving as many as four teams.  Enough already.  Wake us up when something acutally happens.

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OK, We Promise, This is Not Going to Turn Into A Cleveland Indians Blog, But…

Posted by wct6 on June 20, 2007


…this point cannot be left unsaid.  We have no idea what exactly Boston fans love so much about Trot Nixon.  Granted, 191 AB is not much of a sample size to make an assessment of a player, but he hasn’t really shown any signs of being anything more than an average to below-average major league outfielder. 

Admittedly, when we heard that the Indians acquired Nixon, we were pretty happy.  We remembered seeing him play with the Red Sox, and felt like his veteran presence, along with the fact that the Indians needed a left-handed bat, would make him an asset to the team.  What has he done so far this year? .654 OPS (including an almost unheard of .390 OPS in June!) and two home runs while playing what is traditionally a power position.  So what could be the reason for his lack of production? 

He is getting old – This was the first thing we thought of, until we looked it up and learned that he just turned 33 this past April.  33, while not a spring chicken, is not over the hill.  Production should not be dropping precipitously for an outfielder in the season he turns 33. 

He is playing hurt – Eh, maybe.  But he wasn’t exactly setting the world on fire in April and May (.700ish OPS).  And his fielding, throwing and running have shown no signs of injury. 

The Red Sox got rid of him just in time – this is the most likely conclusion.  Lets look at his OPSs starting with his career high in 2003 – .974, .887, .803, .767, .654.  Are we the only ones that see a trend there?  Then again, turnabout is fair play, and we shipped them Coco Crisp who couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat. 

We’re hoping that our attacking Nixon will cause a Josh Barfield-like response (batting .328 in June after we ripped him early in the season) and he will be red hot in the second half of the season.

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