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This is What We Call Lazy Analysis

Posted by wct6 on July 19, 2007


Maybe we are just being paranoid Cleveland fans, but the following bit of “analysis” from Tim Kurkjian this morning on “Mike and Mike”  really wrankled us –

“I have to see the Indians make the playoffs before I’ll beleive they can do it.”

What did these teams all have in common – ’06 Tigers, ’05 White Sox, ’04 Red Sox, ’03 Marlins, ’02 Angels & Giants?  All of these teams were “unproven” when they either went to, or won the World Series.

If Tim had had some actual analysis as to why he didn’t think the Indians could make the post season, if for example he had said –

“Their pitching rotation lacks consistency and depth”


“They have a dearth of reliable bullpen arms outside of Betancourt and Borowski”


“Trot Nixon couldn’t hit sand if he fell off a goddam camel”

we would have been able to live with it.  But to say they can’t make the playoffs this year because they haven’t made the playoffs recently is stupid.


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Great Moments in John Kruk History – This Past Week

Posted by wct6 on July 11, 2007

Before the Home Run Derby“Left-handed hitters have a huge advantage in this contest.”

All left-handed competitors were eliminated in the first round

Before the All-star game“The MVP of the All-star game will be Dimitri Young.  Watch out for the ‘meat hook!'”

The “meat hook” didn’t get into the game until the ninth inning, when he reached on an infield hit that on any other day would have been an error.  By the way – when making your MVP picks, its always smart to pick a guy who, not only isn’t a starter, but is a benificiary of the “every team MUST BE REPRESENTED” rule.

Again, Before the All-star game“I don’t believe the NL is significantly worse than the AL.”

The NL has now gone 11 years since their last all-star game win, lost seven of the last 11 World Series (four sweeps in that span), and get their asses handed to them every goddam year in interleague play.

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