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Is Boston a Racist City?

Posted by wct6 on June 28, 2007

There have been at least two NBA potential tradees (by our count, Garnett and Marion) that have said, inequivically, that they will not accept trades to the Boston Celtics.  Here we thought it was because it was the Celtics are a complete train-wreck of an organization.  But on PTI Wednesday, Mike Wilbon seemed to think it was because of a different reason: Boston is a racist city.

Personally, we think that painting with a broad brush like that is similar to racism itself.  In other words, saying “all Bostonians are racist” is exactly the same as saying “all [insert racial group] are [insert negative trait].”  Not only that, but we have known numerous native Bostonians, and have never felt that any one of them was the least bit racist.  Also, the Celtics, at least under Red Auerbach, were champions of racial equality, having one of the first black bonafide superstars (Bill Russell), hiring the sport’s first black coach (Russell), and consistently putting integrated teams on the court before many other teams did.  At the same time, the Red Sox were the very last team in the Majors to integrate, and refused to even work out Jackie Robinson or Willie Mays.

We have heard about Boston’s racial reputation too many times from too many different people for it to be completely untrue, but we have never had any experiences that would back it up.  Where did this reputation come from?  We honestly don’t know.

Wow, we are really sorry that we got serious there all of a sudden.  We have to stop doing that.

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